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Statement of purpose - 


FB3 is intended to be a business support group with a focus on making the local community business friendly. When a local business needs a hand in dealing with local or state regulations or permitting issues, FB3 will provide support and encourage other businesses to assist with hearings and meetings.
FB3 intends to promote the involvement of business owners and their employees in the decision making process that insure that decisions affecting the economic livelihoods are balanced and fair. Too many times decisions are made that hinder the economic viability of employers without full consideration of long term impacts.
Meetings will be held on a bi-monthly or quarterly basis and the location will be rotated between the member's sites. 

Only “grumblers” and non-Flagler Beach business owners will be excluded. We are here for each other.


John Lulgjuraj – President         Scott Fox – Vice President

Community Partners

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